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Our Team

Dr. Maggie Henjum PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

Maggie is a physical therapist with a passion for developing a diverse skill set, knowing the full range of treatment options and having an in-depth knowledge of emerging techniques. She utilizes evid...

Dr. Alyssa George PT, DPT, OCS

Alyssa wants to get you back to doing what you love, whether that be sports/recreational activities, your career, or caring for your family. Specializing in treating pelvic and orthopedic conditions, ...

Matt Arbeiter PT

Matt is an expert in building corporate wellness focused programs to keep patients in Motion with fitness, wellness, and ergonomic assessments. Matt’s devotion to both his patients and colleague...

Dr. Jacquelyn Ruen PT, DPT, OCS

Jacque’s passion for the many facets of physical therapy only continue to grow over time.  Her constantly evolving practice is well established in lower extremity issues and the treatment o...

Dr. Meagan Robinson PT, DPT

Meagan recognizes that a patient is not just a number, but an individual with specific needs and goals tailored to their life. She is dedicated to providing an inclusive, evidence-based, and patient-c...

Rick Mewes PT, OCS

Rick began his career in orthopedic and sports medicine private practice, then shifted to outpatient PT for major health systems Allina and MHealth Fairview. He spent the last 12 years in leadership a...

Dr. Sari Abelson PT, DPT

Sari embraces an individualized approach to care, informed by evidence and careful listening, and  rooted in patient values, collaboration and creativity. As a physical therapist, she is humbled ...

Dr. Peter Ames PT, PhD, SCS

Peter graduated from Touro College, NY in 1995 and is a board-certified specialist in sports physical therapy.  After working in nine different states and the United Kingdom, he moved to Min...

Dr. Jon Frikken PT, DPT

Jon is a physical therapist whose ambition is to help individuals reclaim their ability to do the small or large things that drive their lives; whether it be standing up from a chair, lifting children...

Renata Braudy PT, MS, MA, OCS, CLT, PhD Candidate

Renata has a passion for working with women and men during their cancer recovery. She has worked almost exclusively in oncology since 2003 and has successfully developed 3 Breast Cancer Rehabilitation...

Dr. Lacie Kramer PT, DPT

Lacie is a compassionate and results-oriented physical therapist who aims to foster engagement and autonomy in her patients so they can achieve optimal health and wellness. She values teamwork and enj...

Dr. Britta Gauthier PT, DPT

Britta is inspired by a family line of women in medicine. She grew up observing these gifts in caring for others, and found her own calling in Pilates-based and pelvic health rehabilitation. Britta is...


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