Rehab with us to try a new activity – get Motion gear

Just signed up for your first 5k? Planning your climb to the top of Kilimanjaro? Send us a note about whatever new activity you have coming up and we can help you reach this goal. We will even provide you with some Motion gear to wear along the way! Not sure if we are the right fit for this journey? Then contact us and we will chat with you excitedly and free of charge.  Don’t forget to snap a pic and tell us how it goes! @motionminnesota


Want to be a Motion brand ambassador? 

Are you a teacher, instructor, coach, trainer, or athlete and you also help to set our community in motion? Let us know! Contact us at and we will tell you about our ambassador benefits. 


Tell us your story

Now you are making us blush! But honestly, outcomes are driven by each and every patient we treat. Email us at to tell us how Motion helped you, so others can get the courage to speak up and pursue their pain free, stronger, and healthier goals. 


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