Aspen Morley Henjum, CPO

Aspen Morley Henjum, CPO


Aspen Morley Henjum, CPO


Aspen is Motion’s first Chief Puppy Officer. She has training from Canine Coach school along with extensive one on one training. This has mostly focused on her primary passion- treats. Aspen loves all people, so much so that her manners are really quite lost in all first encounters.

Aspen has a flare for tail wiggles, swimming, paddle boarding, playing tug and has a natural gift to make most people smile. We dare you not to. She has extensive training in handshakes, sitting, high fives, the down dog yoga position, and dancing. Aspen currently lives with her parents and baby brother but finds independence in the backyard.

In all seriousness, Aspen is not on site because we are a medical clinic, but we really wish she could be and thought you needed to see her face so we keep her mostly behind the scenes doing puppy things. Chief Puppy things


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