Physical Therapy: 

Physical therapy services offered at Motion focus on pinpointing the source of pain and customizing a treatment plan that allows you to resume an active lifestyle as quickly as possible. Our physical therapists approach each injury from an orthopedic and neurological perspective to optimize movement patterns, reduce pain, and elevate performance.

Athletic Training/Sports Rehabilitation: 

Athletic training and sports rehabilitation services aim to get you better, faster so you can get back on the field or slopes. Our athletic trainers have extensive experience working with professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. They know the ins and outs of mechanisms leading to injury and techniques to reduce future injury, and strive to bring your athleticism to the next level.

High Performance Programming:

Our Motion UT physical therapists and athletic trainers offer written 6-week individualized high-performance programs. These programs target mobility, foundational movement patterns, strength, power, and neurocognitive domains to elevate your athletic performance across the board.

Blood Flow Restriction:

Motion is excited to begin using blood flow restriction (BFR) as part of rehabilitation and strengthening with clients post-surgically and following injury. We are proud to say we are amongst the few places in Park City providing BFR. Blood flow restriction rehabilitation is a method of exercise that utilizes a personalized tourniquet system to restrict blood flow to muscles during resistance training or aerobic training. Blood flow restriction rehabilitation allows for the use of significantly lighter weight while still increasing muscle strength and hypertrophy.


Our pilates service is centered around the philosophy that foundational core strength and awareness is the building block of complex athletic movements. We will give you the tools you need to enhance your confidence on the field, on the slopes, or wherever else your Park City adventures take you.

Nutrition Coaching and Consultation:

At Motion UT, we know that your rehabilitation gains are only as good as your diet. We have partnered with A4 Health to offer individual consultation and coaching to provide evidence-based recommendations to optimize your rehabilitation journey and high performance achievements. Learn more by clicking here.


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