June 6, 2018

FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program

Author: Dr. Michelle Steege

Dynamic warm up is a crucial component to sport and exercise. When designed specifically for the event or sport an athlete is participating in, it may also have injury preventative effects. The FIFA 11+ injury prevention program was designed to improve soccer player’s strength and reduce the incidence of injury.

It has been shown to be effective for reducing the risk of injury and time lost due to injury in male and female soccer players1,2. The 11+ program is designed to be performed at least twice per week as a warm up prior to training. It consists of 3 different parts—running exercises, strength/balance/plyometric exercises, and finally additional running exercises at a higher speed with planting and cutting. Proper posture and control are crucial throughout the program.

Correct form during running, strength, balance and plyometric exercises are items that should be addressed in any training program, starting at the youth level. A dynamic warm up program such as the 11+ allows for structured time to fine-tune each of these training components.

Motion physical therapists are experts in corrective exercise and movement analysis, and are available to provide guidance with the use of the FIFA 11+ or development of sport-specific dynamic warm ups with the goal of optimal mechanics and control for reduced injury rates.

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See below for a video preview of the FIFA 11+ injury prevention program (scaled to fit in the clinic):



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