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Body Brain and Pain

Podcast series about various body, brain connections along with understanding pain more deeply

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Nourish Move Love

Free home workouts

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Headspace – Mindfulness & Sleep

Meditation app with excellent anecdotes

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Lorimer Mosley – Why Things Hurt?

A video that explains pain in 14 minutes

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Athletes’ Guide to Good Sleep

Tips for optimizing sleep hygiene

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Cancer Exercise – Aerobic & Resistance

Exercise and resistence through your cancer journey

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Rachel Zoffness Pain Management Workbook

Workbook to help understand pain behaviors

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Curable – Chronic Pain

Chronic pain application

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Why Do I Hurt Workbook – Adriaan Louw

Another book to understand why you hurt

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Washington Post – Chronic pain

Powerful read about what is chronic pain

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Ologies – Dorology Pain – Dr. Rachel Zoffness

Podcast about pain and what it is

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The Body Keeps The Score – Bessel Van Der Kolk

Excellent book that dives into the literature of past experiences imprinting on the body

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The Health Hustle – Maggie Henjum

Owner discussing the mission and who motion is, along with general discussion on business in medicine

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Restore Your Core

Strengthening your core with virtual options

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10 Podcasts About Mental Health

Resource about best podcasts for mental health

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Scientific American – Rethink the Origins of Pain

Another read about what is chronic pain

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Pregnancy coaching app

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Finding Mastery – The Science of Pain – Dr. Rachel Zoffness

Podcast about pain and what it is

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Athletes’ Guide to Hormone Cycles

Tips for optimizing hormonal cycles in the female athlete

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mySymptoms – Food Diary

Food diary to set you up for success with our nutritionists

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MRI & CT Findings in Individuals Without Low Back Pain

Imaging study that helps us understand normal age related findings

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APTA Postpartum Return to Running Program
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Finch – Self Care Widget Pet

Need help with self care, this widget can help

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Why Do I Hurt – Adriaan Louw

Great book to understand why you hurt

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Reveri – Hypnosis & Sleep

An app to assist in sleep behaviors

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Fiton App

App for movement.

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Dr. Lehman Pain Workbook (free PDF)

Pain workbook

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