February 8, 2022

How to Access Mental Health Resources

Author: Dr. Erin Babineau

In my last blog we talked about the importance of mental health and self talk on managing pain1. So, here’s a list of resources on how to access mental health care. Let’s destigmatize mental health as it is so important for our emotional and oftentimes physical recovery. Mental health support is so essential for every human to have, not just now when things are stressful. Our hope is all people have a trusted mental health therapist and physical therapist for brain and body check ins!

One of my favorite resources to find an amazing mental health therapist is Psychology Today4. I talk a lot about how to use Psychology Today on one of my podcast episodes as well2. It’s a great search engine where you can search for the type of therapy you’re looking for, a specialized issue you want to focus on, location, and if they take your insurance. There’s also things like sliding scale fees. This means that you pay per visit based on your annual salary or what you can afford. Most therapists have some payment options and insurance has also been increasing coverage for mental health care. So if you haven’t looked into it in a while, you might be surprised at how much better coverage you may have. There’s also some spectacular walk-in counseling in times of need that is free in Minneapolis.

There’s also specific questions you can ask your insurance company to make sure you know your health plan and mental health coverage. These are some of the questions that I find helpful to ask your insurance company – What is my coverage for mental health therapy? How much is an evaluation? How much is a follow up visit? Do I have a limit cap per year?

I wish we all had these amazing providers throughout times in our life. Understanding our nervous system allows us more autonomy with self care not only emotionally, but physically. 

Stay well out there,

Dr. Erin