January 9, 2017

Learn to evaluate and treat injured cyclists at this professional bike fitting course (16 CEUs)

Author: Diem Gray


On Saturday and Sunday April 29-30, Motion will be hosting a professional bike fitting course.

This course will provide an evidenced-based and practical approach to the evaluation and treatment of the injured cyclist. Didactic lectures will focus on current literature pertaining to epidemiology, cycling mechanics, and bike fitting. A substantial portion of the course will be devoted to lab, so participants will be confident in performing a full bike fit by the end of the course. The overall course objective is to provide participants with the “whole picture” of rehabilitating injured cyclists with an emphasis on bike fitting.


Target Audience:

Physical therapists, doctors of medicine, doctors of osteopathy, university faculty

Contact Hours:

16 CEUs




550 Vandalia Street, Suite 105, Saint Paul, MN 55114


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