December 9, 2020

Telehealth FAQs

Author: Dr. Michelle Steege

Don’t you need to see me in person to do a physical exam and know what’s going on?

  • NO! Just like if we were seeing you in the clinic, the history-taking portion of the evaluation gives us a majority of the information we need to help you. Using video, we can actually take you through a majority of the exam that would occur in the clinic. 
  • Also, because there is such an increase in working remotely this is a GREAT opportunity to look at your work/desk set up during a telehealth visit. Especially since we are seeing more and more patients with pain due to poor ergonomics who aren’t used to working from home.

How is a virtual visit going to help with the pain that I’m experiencing? 

  • As physical therapists, we spend a lot of time educating people about pain and helping you find ways to reduce and/or manage symptoms at home. This may include brainstorming ways to modify sleeping or sitting position, discussing movements or exercises to reduce pain, and/or answering questions to put worries at ease. 

What about equipment/gym usage?

  • Because you can’t hang out with us every day, telehealth visits are a great way to brainstorm and utilize objects/equipment you have lying around the house to use for your exercises. What a great way to self-manage your own symptoms!
  • There’s not a lot of professions where our ultimate goal is to keep you out of our office – our goal is that you are the expert of your own body and know how to self manage pain.

What about manual therapy? 

  • Believe it or not, there are many things we can teach you to do on your own that will take the place of typical manual therapy interventions you might receive in the clinic. We love it when people feel confident in the tools they have at home to provide relief without needing to come into the clinic! 

Does my insurance cover telehealth?

  • Because of the current pandemic, most insurers are covering telehealth visits the same as if you were in the clinic! We encourage you to reach out to your specific insurance provider if you have any further questions about this. 

Do you have additional questions about telehealth? We’d be honored to virtually help you get back to the activities you love! 

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