Pain-Free Cycling

We are pleased to announce that Motion now offers dynamic bike fittings with Bike Fit Certified physical therapists: If you are having any pain or discomfort, come in and let our therapists evaluate you on your bike. We have expert therapists to evaluate and assess the reason either your system or fit is contributing to the problem.

Ride Smoother, Faster, and Longer

Your biomechanical assessment and bike adjustment will find the optimal alignment and settings for your bike. Not only will this provide a more comfortable ride, but it creates more efficient power transfer, allowing you to ride like a well-oiled machine.


Performed by Physical Therapists

At Motion, your bike fitting will be performed by Doctors of Physical Therapy who have been certified in bike fittings. Our highly trained medical professionals will spend time examining all aspects of your cycling form and make all necessary adjustments and accommodations to get you riding pain-free in no time!


$280 for a 1.5 hour fitting
We may be able to bill your private health insurance for all or part of your fitting. Inquire if you are interested!


What to Expect

  • One-on-one fitting session and physical therapy assessment performed by an expert physical therapist
  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Bicycle positioning assessment, including adjustments for correct positioning of seat, pedals, and handlebars.
  • Cycling form analysis
  • Exercise program designed by your physical therapist to get you out of and keep you out of pain.
  • Be sure to bring your bike and your bike gear! 


Contact us to learn more or schedule a fitting.



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