Our yoga classes are accessible to participants of all levels of experience. The goal is to have fun and keep you in motion!

Benefits of Yoga

  • Increase stability and balance to decrease risk of injury
  • Improve flexibility and movement patterns
  • Recover from injury & surgery
  • Decrease back pain
  • Stress & anxiety management
  • Enhance athletic performance through active recovery cross training

Our Yoga Instructors

Dr. Meril Mani, PT, DPT

Meril’s path towards yoga began as a young child. She feels that in many ways the first asana practice empowers us to see ourselves in a new light. What she hopes to bring to her class is the very thing she has always loved about yoga: getting to a place physically, mentally or spiritually that we have not been before. With a background in orthopedics and continued training in neurological rehab, she centers her classes around education and mental awareness on the body’s anatomy and how that can reflect and change not only how you move on the mat, but how you move throughout your life. She hopes to be a vessel that will aid her students down a path to becoming their most genuine self.

Dr. Mary McPartlin, PT, DPT

With a background in science education and physical therapy, Mary loves teaching people to use their bodies to better their life! Teaching yoga allows her to use her skills as a certified yoga instructor, PT (orthopedic with treatment emphasis in pelvic floor and chronic pain), strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), and educator to create a flow that is challenging for all levels, informative, and therapeutic. She is passionate about helping others achieve a better life through their best movement.

Yoga Schedule

Tuesday6:00am- 7:15amVinyasa FlowMeril Mani, DPT
Wednesday6:30pm- 7:30pmSlow Strong FlowMeril Mani, DPT
Friday6:30pm-7:30pmVinyasa FlowMary McPartlin, DPT
Sunday10:00am-11:00amVinyasa FlowMary McPartlin, DPT

Class Descriptions

Tuesday Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic practice of asana (poses) that flow in a sequence. Each position focuses on the synchronization of the breath with the continuous flow of movement. Vinyasa is a strong practice that builds heat throughout the body and challenges your limits in endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus.

Slow Strong Flow: Incorporates breathwork into stretching and strengthening the entire body with modifications to classic vinyasa sequencing. Minimal transitions performed from standing to mat work that can be modified to meet your needs. Included in the flow is breathwork, body scanning and meditation. All levels welcome!

Friday Vinyasa Flow: A more effort-full vinyasa class with isometrics, sustained holds, and pulses to build strength. Cues to add extra effort or recover throughout to get a balance of sweat and release.

Sunday Vinyasa Flow: A bit more cognitively challenging and creative than a standard vinyasa flow with guaranteed use of both both brain hemispheres and attention to increased body awareness. Fewer alignment cues and challenges including coordination, core, balance, and a somewhat aerobic vinyasa. Cues to modify with a ramp up for an experienced Yogi or with rest/modifications as we build skill, often towards a peak pose. Great for independent challenge and for those days a rest break is needed. 



  • Your first class is FREE!
  • $20 per class for drop-ins (or pay what you can afford)
  • $140 for a 10-class bundle ($14/class)


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**Currently classes are being offered virtually via Zoom


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