Maggie Henjum


Maggie is a physical therapist with a passion for developing a diverse skill set, knowing the full range of treatment options and having an in-depth knowledge of emerging techniques. She utilizes evidence-based treatments tailored to each patient to elicit optimal outcomes, including: thrust and non-thrust manual therapies, exercise interventions and neuromuscular re-education. Maggie believes in teaching patients self-management strategies to empower a full recovery.

Maggie completed her doctorate at University of Colorado-Denver. Then became board certified in orthopedics (OCS), and completed her fellowship in manual therapy (AAOMPT). She has published text books and  journals in many areas including the spine and back country medicine. Maggie teaches at the University of Minnesota & South College in their DPT programs, Evidence in Motion in their residencies and many other continuing education opportunities for post professional education. In short, she is a self proclaimed nerd and loves every second of science and education. Her passions and personal life are blended on all fronts. She is medical staff volunteer for USA Ski and Snowboard where she gets to travel with olympic athletes around the world.

She believes in small healthcare, no fluff, patient centric healthcare. To deliver this, Maggie owns 4 small practices in the Twin Cities and Park City Utah. They are boutique, patient centric and mission forward. To protect this, she also owns an MSO that centralizes back office services for 40+ clinics in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Maggie has an awesome wife who approves the insanity above and an awesome kiddo and puppy to take on the worlds adventures with.