TomHenry David


TH David (TH stands for TomHenry) loves being a PT. Following a first career as a ceramic artist, TH completed his DPT degree at the University of Colorado in Denver, where he stayed and developed his love for treating rock climbers. TH makes it a personal goal to ensure his patients feel heard, and that they become stronger and more resilient than ever before. He aims to accomplish this through collaboration, education, movement analysis, specific exercise programming, and on-the-wall movement and strength drills to fit the specific needs of his patients.

While working in Denver, TH worked with rock climbers ranging from novices to professional athletes. He partnered with both The Spot and Denver Bouldering Club gyms, where he provided wellness workshops and 1-on-1 rehabilitation to all staff members. He also performed screens and assessments to climbers of all ages and skill levels at social and community events. He is passionate about ensuring that rock climbers have access to a provider who not only understands the demands of their sport, but who is dedicated to providing care that is aligned with the most current research.

TH is an avid climber himself, and has been bouldering for over a decade. He is excited to return to the Minnesota climbing community as both a medical provider and a community member. If he isn’t climbing inside or outdoors, you can find TH playing disc golf, producing music, running, playing board games, and spending quality time with his outstanding wife and daughter.